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Anoche Lloré

Agosto 20th, 2008

"Anoche lloré aunque nadie vio mis lágrimas. Bajo la luna me secuestró el dolor, me torturó el miedo y la pena cavó hondo en mi alma.

Anoche lloré aunque nadie vio mis lágrimas. Me acuchilló tu perfume en la tela, tu sudor en mi piel y tu sabor en mi lengua.

Anoche lloré aunque nadie vio mis lágrimas. Rendí mi cuerpo a las sábanas, acobardé mi rostro a la almohada, hurgué en la oscuridad y tú no estabas".

I´ll Be There For You es una canción de Bon Jovi que podéis escuchar haciendo .

Try To Hide

Junio 20th, 2008

"Excuse me one more time
My girl has just walked out
I guess I´ve lost my chance
Wrong words came off my mouth

Didn´t take a second to say
What was raisin´ deep inside
I found I was in love
When I turned out the lights

Every night I dream of you
And it makes me cry
It tears my wounds
Every day I leave my dreams
Behind just to see that you´re not a part of me

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Don´t Believe

Marzo 7th, 2008

"You were down,
that´s what I heard last night
Sitting home alone
Headtrips waiting for a call

They told me he took you heart
higher than it´s ever been
Feelings soared so high
and now you have no wings

Don´t believe all that they tell me
but I can´t deny what I see
See you standing broken hearted
and it hurts me so to feel
that it could be me who turns your pain
into happiness again

Don´t believe I step ahead

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Despise For Humanity

Enero 26th, 2008

"And God created the mankind
and put them down there on the Earth
and then they started to destroy...

And Mother Nature looked up
and started to ask Him why
and He just shrugged His shoulders...

And God refused of all His kids
and turned away but let them be
and Mother Nature screamed in agony...

And here they stand completly alone
devastating the land with nowhere else to go
No, no, no

Again and again I wonder why
Why people around me doesn´t stop and listen to the cries
Mother Nature cries

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Consumin´ My Life

Noviembre 26th, 2007

"Girl, I know it seems a lifetime
It´s been so long since you walked your way
Together, forever
You promised it would last
Till the very end of time

Every street has its story
Tears and kisses in the pale moon light
And I can´t but yet I try
To step inside your life
Against the memories you both share I have to fight

And I spend my Fridays´ nights away
Thinkin´ of you layin´ down with your man
And I can´t tear it off my mind
Girl, it´s drivin´ me crazy
It´s consumin´ my life

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Thank You

Noviembre 6th, 2007

"Alone again
Seasons change and here
I stand alone again

A year went by
Time ran out and I
Kiss you shyly bye

If I could go back, start over again
First day with you, give it another chance
I´d tell you

I´ve never felt this way before
I´ve gotta say that I love you so
I´ve never felt this way before
And it´s you who I have to thank for

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Noches de Terror

Octubre 23rd, 2007

"Y cambiaré mis sábanas rotas
Por un amanecer sin sol
Que esconda mi almohada vacía
En la que ya no habita tu olor

Noches de ginebra
Noches de algodón
Noches de acuarelas que pintan sin color
Noches de promesas
Deseando tu calor
Deseando tu presencia
Noches de terror

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